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Nick Alcock - Registered Financial Adviser

Nick Alcock

Nick worked for a number of years in the Banking industry, with roles at National Bank and ASB. After a period working in the UK, he returned to New Zealand and joined his father Kerry as a Mortgage and Insurance adviser.

Having helped countless people into their first homes, Nick finally experienced the Joy/Stress/Agony/Relief of buying his own home this year. Using examples from his own experience, Nick helps walk people through the entire First Home Buying process from start to finish and he specialises in finding out of the box ways to help people obtain the seemingly unobtainable first home loan.

Nick also heads up the Commercial and Non-Bank team with Waara. Having worked with a number of developers over the years, they have built up a huge network of Non-Bank Lenders, including specialist finance companies, solicitor nominee lenders and number of private lenders.

Contact Nick:
M: 021 879 077

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