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AIM Newsletter – May 2016

Welcome to your newsletter for May 2016!Hot rates May 2016

After a bit of a newsletter break, it’s been another busy month for the team at AIM Financial Services and we’ve been growing again!  We have another team member Jennifer Whitcombe to welcome onboard.   Jennifer recently qualified as a Registered Financial Adviser and holds an MBA in economics and finance so has the edge on what’s happening in the market.  Meanwhile check out these HOT RATES we’ve seen through our office this week.  You’ll have to call us on (09) 282 3782 to see if you can get them too!

Surf’s Up! Interest Rates are Down…Surfs Up

Interest rates just keep dropping and recently we’ve seen discounted and advertised rates dip into sub 4 territory.

We would recommend to anyone who is close to the end of a fixed rate period, or even if you’re only part way through, to talk to us about getting you on those low rates.  These won’t last forever!  We’ll work out for you if it’s worth catching that wave by paying break costs and perhaps helping you pay off your mortgage faster.

skyrocketKiwisaver Withdrawals Skyrocket

The amount of money people are withdrawing from KiwiSaver funds has grown rapidly over the last three years.  It grew further still when rules were relaxed and first-home buyers could withdraw all their funds except the $1,000 kickstart government injection or any Australian Super funds.

Eligible buyers may also be able to receive grants of up to $5,000 for first their home, or $10,000 for a new first home.

Don’t forget to make sure when you are purchasing a property to give yourself plenty of time to make the application for your funds to be paid to your lawyer by giving yourself at least ten days for your finance date.  If you’re buying at auction, make sure you have your own funds to pay the deposit on the fall of the hammer, and confirmation by that your savings are available for purchase at auction.

Please discuss your options with us, or contact your KiwiSaver Scheme Provider, or Housing New Zealand for more information.

Money Doesn't Grow on TreesInsurance: To have, and to keep

Ever been sick?  We all are from time to time.  But what if you fall ill and have to be off work for weeks, or months?  Unless you have loads of savings, you’re going to need a backup plan.

Insurance may seem expensive, but if you have a talk with Matthew our insurance specialist, he can talk to you about options you might not have thought were available, let alone affordable.

Like mortgage brokers, Matthew works on getting you the best deal from across all the insurance companies, saving you the time and all the confusion of working out all the definitions and exclusions in the small print.

Don’t fall victim to some insurance options that seem easy to apply for, only to discover you won’t get paid out.  That’s Matthew’s job – to make sure you get what you expect at claim time.


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