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Successful property investors understand the importance of having the right loan structure for an investment property. The right ownership and loan structure can save you money and optimise your taxation position.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in investment property finance, we are here to help you through this process.

Investing in residential real estate has long proven to be a very wise move, with significant capital gains being made over a long period.

Arranging a mortgage to assist you to purchase a rental property requires proving that you have sufficient deposit, or equity in another property, and sufficient income to cover the mortgage payments.

If you already own a property, we’ll show you how to use the equity to grow your investment portfolio.

We’ll discuss with you the alternative ownership structures (you can own the property in the name of a Trust, a Company or in your personal names), and the advantages of each one.

We’ll discuss the ways to optimise your taxation situation.

And of course, we’ll advise you on the best mortgage structure, and negotiate with the bank to ensure you have the best deal for your situation.

Contact one of our advisers today to find out more about structuring your mortgage for better investment potential.

"...the team at AIM do most of the hard yards crunching numbers, providing formulas, and chasing the best deals from the banks - for you."

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